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Our philosophy: “Your youngest should be taught by your best”.

Karen Magnussen has designed and implemented a program which focuses on beginning elements and skating skills to develop more balanced and well-rounded skaters at a much earlier age. The program is offered to children of ages 6 to 12 . The program is taught by Olympic athletes and World champions and off ice coaches who are recognized as top of their profession.

The program includes:

  • Competition simulation judged by top quality provincial judges who provide the children with written feedback for skill development.
  • On ice seminars on proper skating techniques which includes: stroking, edgework, jumps, spins and field moves.
  • Off ice seminars including: ballet, pilates, strength and core training, flexibility and movement.

If any of the children participating already have coaches, their coaches are encouraged to view all sessions to build a win win situation for children and coaches.

The Program is provided at an affordable cost to all young skaters and gives them an opportunity to get the elite training not available to junior skaters in this province. Through the Foundation, the program generates new funds to build and grow the financial support to be given to young skater who show promise through the Foundation Scholarship program.

For the parents, a seminar series is offered at the same time that their children are involved in the on ice and off ice sessions. These seminars include : sport psychologist, background of sport and its levels of development, sport nutritionist, ethics in sports and an Olympic athlete experience.

These day long seminars are offered during 2 weekends during the primary skating season of September through June.

The Technical Development Program will be enriched year after year and will provide long term sustainable development for the sport of figure skating in BC.

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